Transforming your home into a smart home

Are you considering transitioning to home automation? BTElectrical & Solar can provide you with a system made by Advantage Air – an Australian-owned company committed to designing and manufacturing in Australia, where possible. The system – MyPlace – is technology to make everyday life easier using a reliable, easy-to-use integrated system which allows you to control your home through voice or a dedicated tablet. Being hardwired to the wall, it never needs recharging and never goes missing.

MyPlace makes smart technology affordable by working with existing items in your home, such as lights, fans, some motorised blinds and garage doors. It comes in modular form, allowing you to add more now or later.

With the MyPlace app, you can control your products from the lounge, from work or from the other side of the world. There’s no need for expensive specialist cabling. MyPlace connects to your existing wiring, making it easy for BTElectrical & Solar to install in new or existing homes.

For more information or advice on installing MyPlace at your home, contact the team at BTElectrical & Solar who will ensure you get the most out of your home automation system.