Transition your business to renewable energy in Australia with the assistance of BTE Electrical

Are you looking to transition your business to renewable energy?

You can rely on our systems to reduce your electricity bill, with our team of experts ready to design and install a commercial solar system unique to the needs of your business use.

Our team can maintain, monitor and repair commercial solar systems, as well as provide a variety of monitoring solutions to allow clients to keep track of their system’s performance and energy usage.

Solar power can deliver long term cost savings to your business.

If you think your building could be more energy efficient, give us a call.

How it Works


Obligation Free Consultation

Our team of solar experts are equipped to provide a detailed solar assessment for your business. The assessment includes operating hours, location and a complete load analysis of your business in order to provide an accurate proposal customised to your business needs.



On approval of the proposal, different finance options to suit your business will be discussed. BTElectrical & Solar is equipped to offer various finance packages including lease, mortgage or PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) to help businesses transition to renewables without cashflow damaging outlays.


Final Proposal

BTElectrical & Solar will provide a detailed quote and generation prediction for your chosen system.


Accept & Schedule

On acceptance of the proposal, a date and project schedule will be determined with consideration of your business operating hours and construction OH&S requirements.


Installation & Handover

Our team of quality driven installers will begin installation on the proposed date, and upon commissioning all required paperwork will be provided along with a detailed rundown of your new asset.



Maintenance is a vital element of all solar installations. BTElectrical & Solar offers a range of remote monitoring products and recommend annual checks on all PV systems to ensure your system is operating at its fullest potential. We monitor all commercial installations for two years, free of charge, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your purchase.

Our commercial solar services include:

  • Install solar systems to match you and your family’s needs

  • Design, assemble and maintain your solar equipment

  • Solar lighting installation

  • Solar servicing

  • Battery storage solutions

  • Apply weather sealing to your solar systems

  • Physical checks of the module mounting system

  • Electrical systems inspection

  • Cleanliness checks & clean of your solar equipment

  • Grid connections

  • System monitoring

  • Electrical characteristics measurements

  • Remote area installations and services

  • Industrial projects

  • Shade impact assessments

Commercial Solar System In Nsw

Solar Products to make your home & workplace smart & efficient

BTElectrical & Solar carry a wide range of inverters, panels, storage units, software and more from the following innovative solar brands:
  • SMA Solar Solutions
  • Enphase
  • Fronius
  • LG